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The Lippen Care Charity continues its fundraising efforts and  to fulfil its core purpose to deliver a high level of care and comfort to palliative patients, their carers and families in the Strathmore Hospice, Clova and Isla Wards and in the local community; to sponsor training of doctors and nurses in palliative care; to recruit and train the many volunteers who do sterling work in the Hospice, Clova Ward and Hospice Kiosk, to recruit complementary therapists; and to provide volunteer befrienders.  

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and benefit as much from their work with us as we do from their skills, enthusiasm and commitment.

Our Befriending Service is a one-to-one companionship and support for palliative care patients in the local community.  This involves matching patients, who would like support and company, with a volunteer befriender  who will visit them at home for about an hour or so a week.  

Wheelchair patients who attend the weekly Day Care in the hospice lounge are provided with wheelchair taxis and this service is funded by Lippen Care.  

The Charity encourages education and research to improve the quality of palliative care locally and in the whole of Angus.

Lippen Care is an association with an annual membership available to any person over the age of 18 who pays an annual subscription of £5.  Lippen Care has maintained a very strong and supportive membership but we wish to welcome more members.  If you wish to help make a difference, please contact the office by telephone or email (see the contact page).

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